Monday, April 02, 2007

Time for some sewing

I have another week of leave this week. Main difference is that M doesn't so I can devote my time for stitching. I haven't exactly had a drought of sewing but I now need to knuckle down and produce some serious output for college. For one reason or another I have been partaking in a spot of bag making some for college and some for purely indulgement. So for this week only I think I will be showing a bag a day for the next week.

First up is this little number which is from a project in this month's Sewing World. The lady who designed the project is the owner of the online bag shop and blog, a site I have become rather partial to as a one stop shop for the bits and pieces of bag hardware I have needed recently and Amy Butler patterns (come back soon for the results).

As I wanted to try the project out before using some pricey fabric I have in store, I decided to use some fabric in my stash. I found some samples my friend G picked up for me in IKEA when I was musing on what to do for curtains in our bedroom last year, there was just enough to make this wristlet bag. The lining was some left over fabric from the sample throw I made last year. All I had to do was get myself a matching zip. The heavy weight sew-in interfacing is the business and the leftovers will be used in future projects. The bag is large enough to take my phone, purse, ipod and a few other essentials so a version will be devised for my cycle to work days.


Fat Bird Does Exercise said...

And the bag looks even better in the flesh!

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