Sunday, April 09, 2006

I survived!

And came home with this (not so little) beauty! Its hand woven, Indian, wool, 200x300cm and is perfect for the new bedroom. Which is probably going to end up being my Project Spectrum project for this month as the walls are painted Edwardian Lemon, bit of a cheat though - because M has done much of the work - I have just had to do the shopping for it. Sometimes this has been a pleasure, sometimes a pain. IKEA shopping is a lot less painful when you get there early enough to park with ease and Sunday morning traffic is calm. By the time I left early afternoon there was a major scrambling for my parking space.

The photo above is the one I took using my camera phone to email M with, it is currently rolled up in our hallway as we now have to wait for our newly sanded and waxed floor to fully dry. When that is done we can roll the carpet out and fully admire it in situ before moving our furniture in. Posted by Picasa


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