Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More cake

More collage cakes in my altered book. Although my Grandma baked most of her cakes she did buy Mr Kipling's French Fancies on a regular basis. I loved them more for their style rather than their content. They are nestling on a plate with some butter whirls - these were the simplest of biscuits that Grandma made but were always wonderful - butter, sugar, flour with a cherry on top! The Chocolate dipped Viennese fingers were a similar recipe and have been nestled amongst some choux buns. Grandma usually made these for a pudding, if at all. In fact, my clearest memory is my Mother making a huge pile of these for a lunch party that she threw for my Dad and his colleagues, I ate rather a lot of them......

For the collage I used a selection of papers: Origami calendar, distressed kraft, bits from my first batch of handmade paper, and crayoned tissue paper. I also used a couple of paper doilies as a stencil to create the lace effect.

Grandma used doilies a lot, although I remember her also using this plastic doilie which the mere mention of brings a pained look to my mother's face. By the way where do you get doilies from now? They are quite out of fashion and so even John Lewis have stopped selling them. When I finally tracked some down the lady in the cake decorating shop where I got them from admitted that most of her customers for them used them in art projects as I was doing.


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