Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Many Hands Make Light Work

This is the postcard I sent to my swap partner Kathy, you can check out the postcard she sent me on her blog she also includes a great tracklist of Orange and Yellow themed songs she put together on a CD for me. The techniques I used for this postcard were inspired by the experimental sampler I recently completed, I really enjoy combining fabric layers, with machine and hand stitching and a little burning. I have already got some ideas for next months postcard. I went with a proverb theme and the one I chose is particularly appropriate for Project Spectrum, if you follow Lolly's blog there are now over a 1000 participants in Project Spectrum. That is a lot of creating going on!

I should have also thought of this proverb earlier today instead of using another proverb (too many cooks......). My mouth is currently housing a foot, mine to be precise.... Anyway I have apologised. By via email, text message, his wife and now this blog.

Anyway this cook needs to go and make my husband supper, hopefully my new CD will improve my mood.


Kathy said...

But it is so much more orange & yellow in person! And so lovely!

Ah, I seem to have "opened mouth and inserted foot" without realizing and now a dear friend is angry at me....I think without reason but I have nothing nice to say back to her, so I'll just keep my mouth shut right now. That way the other foot won't end up in my mouth!

Hope it gets better!

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