Friday, April 21, 2006

Real cake

Lots of lemon cake today - in an attempt to lighten my dark mood. The black dog is back again. I made these lemon muffins late last night because I had to cancel tea with a friend until this morning, I hope these go some way to make up for me mucking them around. The leftovers will, no doubt, be consumed by my colleagues.
The recipe came from the excellent muffin book "Muffins Fast and Fantastic" by Susan Reimer. This is one of my favourite books as it means just so long as you have an egg in the fridge, some flour and some muffin cases (the last lot were curiously difficult to find) you can have cake.

Of course if I wanted a more traditional lemon cake then I could have gone for my Grandmother's lemon Cake:

This always broke me when I insisted that I wouldn't have a piece of cake with my cup of tea, when popping into see my Grandmother after work. Luckily I got her to tell me the recipe because I couldn't find it any of her notes or clippings. I note the recipe card says "serves 12" which is a slight error maybe doubled or tripled it might. This is also good served as a pudding and summer berries.


Fat Bird Does Exercise said...

Still can't work out why I can't make muffins! Scones - yup, pancakes - yup, even sponge cake but not muffins.

Kitty said...

If it makes you feel any better my scones are always a disappointment and my pastry is always a little variable.

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