Sunday, May 14, 2006

A little Sunday trip

M went off mountain biking, followed by white water rafting (can I have some photos please Mr P?). I, for various reasons, didn't fancy exerting myself quite that much so stayed behind.

the worm slide

My friend C had to return home from Wales early, so we went out for a quick little trip to the Centre for Alternative Technology. Most of this was preaching to the converted (maybe a visit should be made compulsory for tip dumpers and litter louts) but I picked up a few things to do in future:
  • compost a few more things such as kitchen towel. we already compost vegetable peelings and so on, but kitchen towel usually goes in the bin - no longer.
  • take reusable bags (either old carriers or fabric totes) to the shops to save using carrier bags. I do already use supermarket carriers as bin bags (the council insist all our regular refuse is wrapped)
  • minimise the products I do buy from the supermarket that are packaged.
  • consume less - full stop. (something Alvin Hall also advises in my current read)

What I call the music hut - various bits of recycled metal and wood were hung up to creat several large "wind chime" type instruments which C and I spent a little while playing.


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