Thursday, May 11, 2006

Weekend Wedding

As previously mentioned I was "up North" last weekend at a friends wedding. This is a twin of of the card that I stitched for them. This is a further exploration in the layering, burning and bonding techniques that I have been playing with recently. As all the fabrics were one tone white I picked fabrics with a interesting texture - pre-embroidered cottons, nobbly dupion silk, cotton twill.

Anyway I hope W & S are now enjoying themselves on a sunny Caribbean beach somewhere and having a relaxing time after the nuptials.

(what kind of evil person puts a kid free couple on a table with 2 couples with 2 kids each?)


diane said...


I saw a message you posted on another blog about mastercarve blocks.... I am trying to get hold of them too, but the company say they do not stock them in this country - did you find anywhere?

Your blog is lovely - your studies must be such an inspiration


Kitty said...

sorry - I have had no luck. I did find a UK site via google but cannot find the bookmark and google does not come up with it anymore. Useless or what?

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