Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May flowers

Oooh I am a bad girl only blogging once a week at the moment - I was trying to aim for at least every other day. The title is a lie too, these were not stitched in May.

This is my first attempt at silk ribbon embroidery. I was just trying this technique out for my panel (is it me or is it taking as long as my wretched wallhanging?). The panel is going well so far but my efforts have been hampered by attending a wedding "oop North" and a spot of DIY which will be worth it in the end (more about this later).

I realised I have already done a little silk ribbon embroidery last year. On that occasion, however, I was sampling for my 3D functional item and I then crossed over to using torn stips of organza. I am sure purists would not consider embroidery using torn strips of silk organza as silk ribbon embroidery. I know one thing for sure though, its a LOT cheaper. Silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery is not cheap! Oddly enough I have found it difficult to find good value silk ribbon which you can dye or paint yourself on the internet. I have, for now, enough for my purposes: finishing the panel.

I found some of the stitches more effective than others. I particularly liked the effects acheived with the thicker ribbons. This stitching is quite slow going, whether this is because its a new technique I'm learning or the fact that the ribbon needs careful manipulating with 2 needles.

The Ribbon Embroidery Bible, Joan Gordon
Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Designs and Techniques, Ann Cox
Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork, Di van Niekerk Posted by Picasa


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